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Nursing Home Care

Home Page Nursing Home Care Nursing Home Costs Tips On Choosing A Nursing Home   There are generally three main types of nursing home care in the UK, private nursing homes, such as BUPA nursing homes, voluntary or charitable homes, and local authority-run nursing homes.

Within the sector of nursing home care there are now specific types of homes, which each provide a different types of care to meet different needs. Here we give you the low down on the main types of nursing homes, which are available within private, charitable and local authority run homes.

1 – Nursing homes
Nursing homes offer accommodation, meals and personal care for the elderly, but also have qualified nurses in constant attendance to look after the residents’ medical needs. Some nursing homes also provide more specialist care for dementia but if you need this type of care you should check with the nursing home because it is not offered everywhere. A nursing home generally charges higher fees than a standard residential home because it offers professional nursing care, although the NHS now makes a contribution to nursing care fees. The minimum age for admission to a nursing home is usually 65-years-old but check this with the home.

2 – Residential homes
Residential homes are very similar to nursing homes as they provide accommodation, meals and personal care, such as help with bathing and dressing. However they do not usually provide professional nursing care for medical conditions like nursing homes do. The minimum age for moving into a residential care home is normally 65 years of age but check this with the home.

3 – Dual registered homes
These types of nursing homes offer both residential and nursing care, and are often chosen by couples who want to stay together but need different levels of care, or people who feel that the level of care they need will change in the future. Dual registered homes are usually registered for a specific number of nursing beds and residential beds.

4 – Dementia care homes
These types of care homes are the place where elderly people suffering dementia-related conditions, such as Alzheimer's disease, will move to because they offer specialist care for these illnesses. These homes offer residential and nursing care in general as well as specific dementia care.

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